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Welcome to the first-ever Australian Bird Photographer of the Year competition. There are 6 main categories plus a Youth category for entrants under the age of 18 years. The main categories are:

More details on the categories can be found in the FAQs and Official Competition Rules.


The winner of each main category will receive AUD$1,000 . A prize of AUD$500 will be awarded to the winner of the Youth category. Other entries may be shortlisted by the judges at their discretion and displayed along with winning entries but these will not attract any prize money.

Entry fees

To help us fund the prize pool and offset the running costs, we are charging modest entry fees. To help you out, we are offering lower prices per entry the more photos you enter. You can enter your photos into as many different categories as allowed under the Rules. Prices will be calculated on your total entry volume across all categories. These prices include GST:

Open categories (based on total entry numbers)

·           First 5 entries are AUD$8.00 each

·           Next 7 entries (entries 6-12) are charged at AUD$5.00 each

·           All remaining entries (entries 13-36) are charged at AUD$4.00 each.

Youth category* for those under 18 years of age only (maximum of 12 entries)

·           First 5 entries are AUD$4.00 each

·           Next 7 entries charges at AUD$2.50 each.

* Note: Entrants eligible for the Youth category are also allowed to enter the Open categories. For those who do, your entry fees for the Open categories will be calculated separately using the above Open category rates. For example, the first 5 entries in the Open categories will still be charged at AUD$8.00 each even if you have submitted a number of entries in the Youth category.

Please check the FAQs if you want to know more. Entrants should fully understand the Competition Rules as non-compliant images will be disqualified without refund.


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Enter button by Andrew Silcocks