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BirdLife Australia

As the country’s largest independent, not-for-profit, bird conservation organisation BirdLife Australia harnesses the enthusiasm of 140,000 bird-loving Australians to make real and measurable differences to protect native birds and their habitat.

Australia’s birds are a vital link to the health of our natural world. They are highly sensitive and responsive to change and declines in bird numbers are often an early indication of wider environmental problems.

BirdLife Australia is dedicated to conserving Australia’s birds and their habitats through advocacy, and targeted research and monitoring. Our work helps us see the bigger picture of Australia’s environmental health—an approach that has resulted in significant victories for the conservation of our native birds for over 100 years.


BirdLife Photography

As a special interest group of BirdLife Australia, BirdLife Photography has attracted a strong community of bird lovers with a passion for photography. With its extensive online gallery of fine Australian bird images, BirdLife Photography provides both a forum and resource for photographers, bird observers and the public to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of birds through the medium of photography.


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